Growing Businesses

We are pleased to announce that we have been approved to deliver funded support under the Growth Vouchers scheme, which provides up to £2000 in matched funding for growing businesses. Please contact us or go to for further details.

We carry out a wide range of business growth and development activities for Growing Businesses, but one programme is an increasingly popular choice for clients.

Business Review and Growth Programme

We recognise that every business is different and so we don’t have a “standard” programme that we deliver, but create a bespoke proposal to suit the needs of each client. Our programme will focus on the development of a business growth plan for each business.

A business growth plan for an established business has two main features: setting out the strategic development; and identifying the operational needs of the business as it grows. Put simply, it is the means of putting all of the opportunities for the development of the business into a coherent plan for the owners and directors to drive the business forward.

The first step in the programme is to have an initial meeting with the client to gain an understanding of the business and its present situation, and then develop a proposal for the business to consider.

Once accepted, we then have meetings with the owners/senior management to carry out business review and health check. These will typically take in total 1-2 days.

We then prepare a detailed plan based on the meetings and our observations on the day which will set out our findings, our recommendations for immediate action and the strategy for the future. We then return to present this to the owners/senior managers as appropriate. The plan is then refined until it is complete and satisfactory in all aspects.

This initial process should take no more than 2-3 weeks, subject to the availability of the client’s personnel.

Should the client wish, we can then agree continuing support and review sessions either on a monthly or quarterly basis to review progress and modify the strategy and activities as required. The programme is carried out for an all-inclusive fee which varies according to the size of the business.

In addition, at any point during the programme we would be happy to carry out any specific work identified during the review programme which the client wishes us to do, subject to individual quotation at the time.

Following the completion of any of our programmes we would be happy to discuss a continuing involvement with the businesswhich can under certain circumstances be based partly on a retainer and partly on a results- or equity-based formula, to ensure that the work carried out in the initial programme continues to benefit the business in the medium to long term.