Intellectual Property

Do you have a valuable asset in your business that is going unrecognised?  Intellectual Property can have great value to a business, not only protecting the ideas of the business, but also providing a possible way of generating a significant income stream.

What is IP?

When the term “Intellectual Property” is mentioned most people think of things like copyright, patents and trade marks. Whilst those are perhaps the most common, there is a much wider range of property and knowledge that can be protected, including designs and know-how.

Whatever the item, though, the common thread running though them is the principle of organising the protection necessary as early as possible, and not disclosing anything until this has been done. In many instances, protection will be invalid if the subject of the protection has been disclosed publicly beforehand.

How We Can Help

For any business we can advise on what IP protection might be possible and then ensure that the best possible protection is obtained, either directly ourselves or through associates who are experts in IP protection.

Once the protection is in place we can then help clients to consider whether is it appropriate to commercialise the IP – work with them to create licences and other arrangements that are required to generate ongoing revenue for the business.

 For an initial discussion and assessment of the IP situation for your business please get in touch.